One Model Mission is a solo female travel blog, featuring ultimate travel guides, travel tips, hotel reviews, and photography from all over the world. One Model Mission is also a female empowerment website and documentary. It’s a documentary showcasing beauty in all women all over the world.”

Katy Testimonials

When I meet people and work with them, it’s important to me to be professional, positive, and leave a lasting impression on them. I have interviewed so many women in so many countries, and even in various languages. I’m so grateful some of my girls have written some lovely testimonials. Reading some of them made me cry. It makes me feel good that I’ve made such a positive impact and impression in their lives. I hope they love their interviews and the final project. Making people, and women feel happy, important, loved, and confident truly gives me more joy than anything else in life. Katy

Bella, Georgia

“Meeting Katy was a really memorable experience for me. I remember how excited I was to talk to her since she made the whole interview so easy, even though we talked about serious issues concerning women’s stories, and my personal experience also. Katy inspired me to think more about women’s solidarity, the meaning of our role in the modern society, all the challenges and obstacles women face nowadays through the world. I am so grateful to her for giving me such a voice and great opportunity.”

Janine, Switzerland

“It was a real pleasure meeting Katy. She’s such  lovely and intelligent woman. I loved her project the moment she told me about it and I”m very happy to be apart of it. It was great to talk about women empowerment and our values and stories.”

Karolina, Belarus

“The project “One Model Mission” is not just a project that shows a different culture, different appearance of girls from different countries. This is a project that talks about what is real beauty. Most of all I was struck by the fact that almost all the girls from different countries in their interviews spoke not about external beauty, but about the inner beauty. After all, in fact, this is the most important thing. Our externality after a few decades will change its appearance, but the beauty is internal … All our good deeds, positive attitude towards people, the smiles that we give out to people around us every day – this is what will remain forever. Endless thanks to gorgeous Katy – a girl who, like no one else, reflects the real feminine beauty and performs such a wonderful mission️.”

Rianna, Ireland

“My experience interviewing with Katy for OMM was one I will never forget. It was a huge memory in my life and one I am forever grateful for. To be able to share my words for other women around the world was honorable. It even made me realise how passionate about self love I really am and helped me to grow even more as a person. Katy is an absolute Role model to me, such a strong and independent women sharing her and other women’s story for the growth of self-love and the meaning of true beauty around the world.”

Antonija, Bosnia & Herzegovina

“Dear Katy,

Firstly, I’m really happy I had the opportunity to be a part of your project coz not only has the project a wonderful mission but you are also a wonderful person. I am always happy when I meet a person who’s outside appearance matches their inner beauty and so is it with you. When we talked I felt that we „get“ each other because you understand that life is not only about „beauty“ and fitting the standards the world excepts, there is so much more and sharing my story with you was easy. Hope that sometime we will have the opportunity to talk again or share some good time! Till than I wish you all the best in your work and life with love Antonija!”

Bojanna, Serbia

“Dear Katy, I’m really glad we met! When I first saw you, you just light up the room! Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside and your work is so inspiring, it’s great example to others! I told everyone how amazing it was to answer the question about myself and my country. I hope this mission will have big impact, and that you are proud of yourself!”

Anna, Ukraine

“Thank you for coming to Ukraine. Hope you enjoyed visiting my country. It was a pleasure talking with you, and I really enjoyed the process of interviewing. I’m looking forward to seeing again. Thank you again, and I wish you the best of luck in your challenging task.”

Antonela, Albania

“I was very excited when Katy wrote me but i was in the same time very sceptic about it. I didn’t believe it in the first place because there are lots of fake accounts on instagram. We met at a nice bar in Tirana (the capital of Albania) and I recognized them from the photos even tho it wasnt hard to tell that they weren’t albanians at all . During our time together I was really concerned to make them feel comfortable so they would feel like they were in their hometown. We girls we do know some things about self worth or the beauty that runs inside our body but the worst part is that we forget about it sometimes. Katy made some great question that I had to go back in time when I was in high-school and i felt bad that I didnt had that confident back then. But more I spoke it out with Katy at the interview more i realize that I needed to be reminded that I was very beautiful every single day of my life. Beauty comes in all shapes, it doesn’t matter if you mixed it with make up its your choice but it does have a shape, your shape. What matters are your actions who make you a beautiful person cause in the end of the day people can forget your face can forget what you said but never will forget how you made them feel. I think that I am not beautiful and I am not perfect at all! But just because a girl or a boy doesn’t like the way I am and what i represent doesnt mean Im not perfect of my imperfection! Yes, I always feel that Im not doing my best. Not talking about looks but as a human being! But I never doubt what I am! Yes, we live in the time of instagram and what we follow back there is what we see. Nobody will fall in love with your personality at first sight but in the same time nobody will ever going to stay with you if you have a shitty personality! GOD has blessed me with a soft heart , to see the best in people even tho they gave me all the rights in this world to believe that they are the worst! What I care the most is what you have inside, like show me your depest fear and show me your scars and how you are here? Well Katy, you are showing all of these things to the world and believe me you are the kind of beauty we all should believe in! A friend of mine told me one day, that our body is going to get old, we are going to die and what we left behind is only our looks! What makes us different and special is our soul once he is out, all we left to this world is our looks and what people are going to remember from us as a human being not as a human size! And that thing hit me like a truck! What I am looking forward is people who try to make my soul feel comfortable in my body. Those who care, those who dont misjudge those who believe in the way you represent beauty and those who are not afraid to share their dreams and desires! Thank you Katy for reminding that our kindness and love may change a human’s life.”

Silje, Norway

“When Katy asked me to be a part of her journey to show true beauty, I didn’t know what to first make of it. Sure, I feel like a cute girl with a kind heart, but I’ve never actually looked upon myself as really beautiful. When we talked and she asked me questions, there was a process inside me. I find kindness beautiful as well as humor and those smiles that comes after a long laugh. My true inspiration for doing what I love is my mother, and the beautiful woman she is on the inside, shines through on her appearance. I’m honored to be one of the girls she’s talked to, and to have represented Norway as one of the countries.”

Lenka, Slovakia

“Incredibly inspiring project that will definitely change the “beauty standards” of so many women who are struggling with the acceptance of uniqueness of their own beautiful bodies and minds. Thank you, Katy, for making me realize how beautiful I was, am and will be.”

Clarissa, Italy

“I loved meeting Katy! She is so outgoing and she made me feel immediately at ease. We talked about women values, power and potential…Sometimes (sadly often) we forget how important we are. Other women’s stories inspired me and the way they talked and acted were very admirable. It was a great experience, I hope you will enjoy it as much I did.“

Katarina, Slovenia

“The opportunity to share our life story with Katy and her project One model mission is a true blessing. It is not only a great way to spread body positivity but also to remind ourselves that we are worth it and to look back on our past journey. It is important for us to do the right thing with bringing up subjects like this and talking about mental health and body confidence within our own platforms. This project is what the world needs right now and we are very proud to be part of it!

It really was a great experience and I’m happy and thankful we had a chance to meet! Even though it was for such a short moment because you are a professional and did the shoot super fast 🙂 I really got inspired by you and you left a worthy print on my heart. Some food for thought and definitely good vibes only 🙂 thank you!”

Zoya, Bulgaria

“I met Katy in Prague in April. I was there shooting a casino commercial and she contacted me to give an interview for her project One model mission. I didn’t know what to expect but when I met her in person I was pleasantly surpriced. She looked like a model and had an amazing personality. The interview went great and we kept in contact with each other. A few months later we met again in my home country Bulgaria. I’m really happy for being a part of One Model Mission project and knowing Katy.”

Faye, Belgium

“I really enjoyed the interview. You gave me some good tips that I recently used for a little interview I did, like rephrasing the question in your answer! I loved having a voice and saying what I felt about some beauty standard topics. Definitely made me feel as if I was part of a beautiful movement. We afterwards also went to see the city and had breakfast which I very much appreciated because I got to know you as a friend. Thank you!”

Amanda, France

“I had a very enriching experience with Katy and I thank her for what she brings to today’s youth. Knowing what beauty is is being aware that it goes beyond a person’s physical traits and it’s through filming that she wants to prove it to the world. I was very moved to talk with Katy during my interview, it gave me confidence and it’s always pleasing to see that such a beautiful person like her can do great things.

Katy is a strong and very independent woman and I admire her for that side she releases. This gives confidence to women around the world and that’s why she wants to make you discover it by traveling to many countries. This is a very beautiful project and I wish her all the happiness and that she will go far with it.”

Velli, Estonia

“Being apart of One Model Mission was an honor. Katy contacted me, introduced herself and told me she had chosen me to represent my county in the project. She asked me to give an interview on women empowerment and the meaning of beauty. Even though I was a little nervous about speaking in English in front of the camera, Katy reassured me and made me feel comfortable. I love the idea behind the project and I am very happy that I took part in it and can’t wait to see the outcome already.”

Sandra, Andorra

“If I had to describe this experience with just two words, then they would be “beautiful” and “satisfactory”. The day of the interview I was very nervous, but once I arrived and met Katy, I was transmitted with so much security and peace. In every moment, I try to feel as comfortable as possible. Despite being a beautiful and seemingly superficial woman, as soon as I was able to cross my first words with her I was surprised by her simplicity and humility. One again I must stress that you get to know someone before judging them. I want to thank Katy for giving me the opportunity to share my experience and opinion about true beauty. I hope that my words will help other women who have gone through similar situations to mine and to let them know that they are worth so much as well as have beautiful qualities that make them special and unique. What really leaves a trace is your spirit…character…values.
I hope that my words have reached your hearts!
Thank you very much Katy for letting me be a part of this project!”

Guyané, Armenia

“On November 2nd ,2017 I got a message request from a girl named Katy Johnson, saying that she is coming to Armenia to interview me. After visiting her profile, and seeing her amazing modeling pics I couldn’t believe she was real.  However, on November 10th, the dream got real, I met her in person, she was with her friend Ashleigh Lawrence from Canada. They filmed the interview and it was about the definition of beauty, what are the beauty standards in Armenia, what lifestyle do women they have here, how can we support the women society etc. After the interview we went site seeing, I showed them Yerevan(which is our capital), we went to some ancient places, Cascade, Matenadaran, Northern Avenue and etc. During that time, we obviously took bunch of photos together and went places to eat.
Overall, I got the opportunity to spend 3 fabulous days full of joy and excitement with two of the most gorgeous and beautiful women inside and out. Even though it was 10 months ago, we’re still in touch, she is still there for me and I will always be there for her. Words cannot explain what big of an event it was in my life.”

Kristina, Macedonia

“I’m grateful to be part of this amazing project. Katy is so lovable, I’m so happy I had the chance to meet her and share my story with her. The idea of women being heard all over the world, all their happy and sadly scary life stories is for a great cause, and I hope mine will make all of you out there that are scared, get rid of your fear and confront everything and everyone that hurt you! We all deserve second chances for a better life story! And yes we can rewrite it every day! Keep dreaming girls, just don’t fall asleep!”