One Model Mission is a solo female travel blog, featuring ultimate travel guides, travel tips, hotel reviews, and photography from all over the world. One Model Mission is also a female empowerment website and documentary. It’s a documentary showcasing beauty in all women all over the world.”

Omm Teaser

One Model Mission is a project currently in production phase 2/6. Katy must travel to all 195 countries to complete filming. She is now in country number 78. Katy interviews women in every country she visits. She spends time with them, learning about their country and culture, and what it means to be truly “beautiful” to them.  One Model Mission’s Goal is to empower women to love themselves from the inside out. OMM is traveling to 195 countries around the world, to discover 195 definitions of beauty. We’re teaching women to love themselves, by learning what beauty means to them. Together, we will redefine what it means to “be beautiful.” Here is a small teaser of the project and how it all started for Katy. Her motivation, aspirations, and ideas. Follow along with Katy as she finds 195 definitions of true beauty while eradicating the unrealistic standards and pressures of women all over the women.