One Model Mission is a solo female travel blog, featuring ultimate travel guides, travel tips, hotel reviews, and photography from all over the world. One Model Mission is also a female empowerment website and documentary. It’s a documentary showcasing beauty in all women all over the world.”

Work With Me and Travel!

Hi Everyone, So, as a frequent flier, digital nomad, wanderer, and content creator. I’m well versed in many areas. I love helping people with all things travel and content, and both together. I would like to work with you, whether that’s consulting on a social media page and helping develop it, or just helping you get the best prices on travel. I’m a woman of many talents. Let me know if you could ever use any of my services. Travel advising and content creating are things I love to do as well as travel journalism and guest blog articles. 

Services I offer

Publicity for brands, and destinations

Blog Post, Blog + Social Media, Snapchat/Instagram Travel Takeover, YouTube Videos

Trip planning and travel help

Finding the best deals on travel and curating amazing destination itineraries

Sponsored Social Media content creation

Photo and video story telling for companies to build social media branding by giving the targeted audience an experience of the place or product

Guest blog articles and travel publications

Can write reviews, itineraries, advice, and experiences on 65+ countries and 300+ cities

Brand Development and Social Media Strategy

Finding your target market and creating campaign ideas or events for social content and production to reach your audience and empower influencers to experience and reshape organically


Social Media Audience Stats

Twitter: 3k Followers

Facebook: 10k Friends and Followers

Instagram: 92k Followers

Snapchat: Up to 110k views per snap

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Do not fly @lufthansa or you’ll never get your luggage! Especially if you’re flying them via Frankfurt! What a total nightmare!!!! I want my stuff!!!
Men; I don’t know how you’re not disturbed by todays #RoeVsWade reversal! This means if you get a woman pregnant in the 13 states that will ban abortion, you WILL be a father, you will NOT have a choice! So you better start wrapping it up!!! No room for mistakes in those states!
Maldives Bound with the roomie! So excited!!!
Watching the bachelor in Iceland and getting in my feels. The scenery is the exact place where my ex husband came to tell me our marriage would be ending. Devastating to say the least. I have empathy to whatever woman goes home alone after being in the most beautiful place ever.
Is it Thursday yet? I can’t wait to see the next @JoeMillFOX episode! Hurry hurry! #JoeMillionaire