“I was very excited when Katy wrote me but i was in the same time very sceptic about it. I didn’t believe it in the first place because there are lots of fake accounts on instagram. We met at a nice bar in Tirana (the capital of Albania) and I recognized them from the photos even tho it wasnt hard to tell that they weren’t albanians at all . During our time together I was really concerned to make them feel comfortable so they would feel like they were in their hometown. We girls we do know some things about self worth or the beauty that runs inside our body but the worst part is that we forget about it sometimes. Katy made some great question that I had to go back in time when I was in high-school and i felt bad that I didnt had that confident back then. But more I spoke it out with Katy at the interview more i realize that I needed to be reminded that I was very beautiful every single day of my life. Beauty comes in all shapes, it doesn’t matter if you mixed it with make up its your choice but it does have a shape, your shape. What matters are your actions who make you a beautiful person cause in the end of the day people can forget your face can forget what you said but never will forget how you made them feel. I think that I am not beautiful and I am not perfect at all! But just because a girl or a boy doesn’t like the way I am and what i represent doesnt mean Im not perfect of my imperfection! Yes, I always feel that Im not doing my best. Not talking about looks but as a human being! But I never doubt what I am! Yes, we live in the time of instagram and what we follow back there is what we see. Nobody will fall in love with your personality at first sight but in the same time nobody will ever going to stay with you if you have a shitty personality! GOD has blessed me with a soft heart , to see the best in people even tho they gave me all the rights in this world to believe that they are the worst! What I care the most is what you have inside, like show me your depest fear and show me your scars and how you are here? Well Katy, you are showing all of these things to the world and believe me you are the kind of beauty we all should believe in! A friend of mine told me one day, that our body is going to get old, we are going to die and what we left behind is only our looks! What makes us different and special is our soul once he is out, all we left to this world is our looks and what people are going to remember from us as a human being not as a human size! And that thing hit me like a truck! What I am looking forward is people who try to make my soul feel comfortable in my body. Those who care, those who dont misjudge those who believe in the way you represent beauty and those who are not afraid to share their dreams and desires! Thank you Katy for reminding that our kindness and love may change a human’s life.”