“If I had to describe this experience with just two words, then they would be “beautiful” and “satisfactory”. The day of the interview I was very nervous, but once I arrived and met Katy, I was transmitted with so much security and peace. In every moment, I try to feel as comfortable as possible. Despite being a beautiful and seemingly superficial woman, as soon as I was able to cross my first words with her I was surprised by her simplicity and humility. One again I must stress that you get to know someone before judging them. I want to thank Katy for giving me the opportunity to share my experience and opinion about true beauty. I hope that my words will help other women who have gone through similar situations to mine and to let them know that they are worth so much as well as have beautiful qualities that make them special and unique. What really leaves a trace is your spirit…character…values.
I hope that my words have reached your hearts!
Thank you very much Katy for letting me be a part of this project!”